One Woman

Geoffrey Giuliano stars as a high level international \businessman with a terrifying secret life; a dark game of autoerotique asphyxiation goes horribly wrong.

Paul Torvelo – a 50ish international businessman and patron of the arts based in Cambodia had a garage of priceless hand tooled choppers, a classic yacht in Phuket, a cellar full of vintage wines and the bodies of twenty five young prostitutes buried under his multimillion dollar home. He then systematically slaughtered two dozen more unlucky women collected from the seamy go go bars of the neon lite Vietnam era city block they call Soi Lovejoy. Although the faces were different Paul saw only the smoky almond eyes of the love of his twisted charade of a life – Barbe. In his mind he murdered the same girl – again and again. Calling in a naive young writer to help pen his memoirs Torvelo turned the exercise into a twisted confession finally revealing his plans to commit just one more murder – bringing to an end a manic killing spree even Cambodia’s most elite cops could never unravel. ‘One Woman’ is a harrowing story of lost love, redemption and one man’s evil legacy set against the warp speed world of high stakes business and the empty, isolating success which often follows.

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